๐Ÿ“„Show Page Blocks

With the capability to show page content blocks, you can show your blocks like heading, audio, embeds, bulleted lists, etc. directly into your apps.

Adding a Show Page Blocks component

  1. Open your app builder

  2. From the app preview, open a "View One Item" or "Update Item" screen

  3. From the Logic (View) section, add the "View Page Blocks" component.

Block Limits

We load only limited blocks into the apps based on the account's subscription plan. These limits are on the top-level blocks.

Subscription PlanBlocks Limit









In the image below, Block 1, Block 2, and Block 4 are top-level blocks while the others are not.

Unsupported Blocks

Some blocks are not yet supported or only partially supported by the system. We are working on supporting all kinds of blocks.

  1. Page Link (partially supported, use Notion's mention block to mention the page)

  2. External Page Link (unsupported)

  3. Equation (partially supported)

  4. Google Maps (unsupported)

  5. Google Drive (unsupported)

  6. Figma (unsupported)

  7. Tweet (unsupported)

  8. PDF (unsupported)

  9. Synced Block (unsupported)

  10. Database (unsupported, please use a screen to display the database data instead)

  11. Button (unsupported)

Please note that page blocks are view-only and can't be edited.

If you need support for some of the unsupported blocks, please email us at help@notionapps.com.

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