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Relations (Beta)

Relation properties can be used on NotionApps by either showing the related page data in your app configurations or using the List or Page Selector components.
If you don't see Relation properties in your app builder, please click the "Reload" button.
Properties from related databases could be used in multiple app configurations to show data from the related pages.

List & Page Selector Components

These components can link, unlink, add, update, or delete related page items.

List Component

A List component can display an Inline LIST of related page items on your form or details screens.
In addition to that, you can create new related pages, and link or unlink pages from the related database.

Page Selector Component

A Page Selector component can open a new screen to link or unlink existing pages from the related database.
Support for Relation properties is still in Beta, please reach out to [email protected] in case you face any issues.