๐Ÿ†•Add New Item/Add Form

The "Add New Item" screen type in NotionApps allows you to create screens that enable users to add items or pages directly to your Notion databases from within your app. This screen is useful for adding new items or if you want to create a simple feedback form on NotionApps.

The new pages reflect on Notion immediately.

You can create an "Add New Item" screen in one of two ways:

  • Either by adding a new screen of type "Add New Item"

  • Or enabling the "Allow Adding" option on a "View Items" or "Update Items" screen.

Now, you can configure the screen with "Input" components that will capture the necessary data for the new item/page.

To configure the existing components or add new ones, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the component you want to modify or click the "+" button in the screen configuration section to add a new component.

  1. Adjust the properties of each component, such as the type of input property, label, placeholder, and more.

Once the user fills in the necessary information in the input components and clicks the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen, a new page will be created in the selected Notion database, capturing the submitted data.

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