๐Ÿค–Screen Actions

Screen Actions in NotionApps allow you to streamline your workflow by automatically assigning default values to Notion properties when a user creates or updates an item in your app. This feature enables you to capture both fixed and dynamic values.

To use Screen Actions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app builder

  2. Open a "Add New Item"/"Update One Item" screen

  3. Click the "+ Add Action" button to add a new action. A default action is added to the screen.

  1. Select the property on which you want to set a default value

  2. Select the value type you want to set. i.e. "Fixed Value", "Logged In User" or "Current Day" etc.

The value type is different based on the kind of property. For eg, only a Date property has a value type "Current Day". While Title and Email properties can have a value type as "Logged in User".

  1. And finally, publish the app.

Now, if a user saves new or updated data through the app, their email address is automatically captured under the Email property, and the Due Date is set to 7 days from the day the data was saved.

It's important to note that the "Logged in User" value type can only be used in private apps. To learn how to make your app private, please follow this link Private apps.

Some common use cases for screen actions,

  • Task Status: Set to "Not Started"

  • Assigned To: Capture the logged-in user's email

  • Delivery Date: Set to 7 days from the current date

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