๐ŸŽขSome rollup properties do not show up in the app builder

There might be instances where some Rollup properties, do not appear in the app builder by default. Rollup properties depend on data from other linked databases to calculate their values accurately. When a Rollup property is added to a database in Notion, NotionApps does not automatically have access to the data in the linked database. Consequently, the Rollup property does not show up in the app builder until access is granted.

TL: DR; Provide NotionApps access to the database linked to the rollup property and click on "Reload".

To show the missing Rollup properties in NotionApps, you must follow a few simple steps to authorize access to the linked database:

  1. Access the "Databases" Tab: In the NotionApps app builder, navigate to the "Databases" tab through the sidebar. Here, you will find the list of databases you have already linked to NotionApps.

  2. Authorize Access: Once on the "Databases" tab, you need to click on the "Manage Databases" button. Upon clicking, a Notion page authorization site will open.

  3. Confirm Access: On the authorization page, you must confirm access permissions for NotionApps to read data from the linked database. This is a one-time process, and it allows NotionApps to collect the data required for the missing Rollup properties.

  4. Reload App Builder: After successfully confirming access, you need to click on the "Reload" button within the NotionApps app builder.

This action refreshes the database information in our system, and now the missing Rollup properties associated with the authorized linked database will be available for use in the app builder.

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