๐Ÿ’ฐBuy Additional Custom Domains

How to purchase additional custom domains:

  1. Subscribe to a paid NotionApps plan: This feature is not available on free plans. Upgrade to a paid plan that best suits your needs. Go to the Pricing page to upgrade.

  2. Access your account settings: On the NotionApps homepage, click on Settings in the side navigation bar.

  3. Locate the "Buy More" option: Under the Usage section, find the Custom Domain usage meter. Click the "Buy More" button next to it.

  1. Manage your plan through Stripe: You'll be redirected to a secure Stripe customer portal. Click "Update Plan" to manage your subscriptions.

  2. Add "Extra Custom Domain" add-on: Look for the new option "Extra Custom Domain" under available add-ons.

  3. Choose the quantity and confirm: Select the number of additional custom domains you want to purchase and confirm your selection.

Important notes:

  • This feature is not currently available on free plans.

  • For custom solutions or bulk purchases, please contact NotionApps support at help@notionapps.com.

  • Remember to update your DNS settings with the provided information after purchasing your additional domains.

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