๐ŸŽจApp Icon, Colour, URL

NotionApps allows you to customize your app's icon, colour, and URL to create a unique look and feel for your app. You can customize these attributes by following these steps:

  1. Open your app in the app builder.

  2. Click on the "Settings" button in the left side panel of the app builder.

  3. To customize the app icon, scroll to the "App Icon" section inside the settings. You can choose an icon from our library or upload a custom icon from your system.

  4. To customize the app colour, scroll to the "App Color Theme" section. You can choose from our pre-defined colour themes.

  5. To customize your app's URL, scroll to the "URL" section. Your app's URL can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. If the URL you want is already taken, you'll need to choose a different URL. Once you've chosen your URL, you will need to publish the app for the app to be available at the desired URL.

You can also customize the app's name and description.

By following these simple steps, you can easily customize your NotionApp's icon, colour, and URL. Whether you want to create a unique look and feel for your app or make it easier for users to identify your brand, the app builder makes it easy to customize your app to your liking.

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