๐Ÿค‘Lifetime deal (Limited offer)

We are giving away a limited number of lifetime deals to our users. Check if it is for you and grab your deal now.

NotionApps leverages Notion's public APIs to enhance your experience. We are not affiliated with Notion.

This deal only applies to NotionApps.

This lifetime deal enables you to use NotionApps to build unlimited apps on Notion and use them forever by paying just once.

You can get forever access to PLUS and PRO plans at only 1.5x the yearly price.

And we are limiting this offer to only 25 deals.

To get your deal visit our pricing page or click below. To learn more about the deal and if it works for you, read on.

What is the lifetime deal?

PLUS Plan ($259/year) Lifetime deal: $399

  • Pay once and use it forever

  • Unlimited apps with Plus usage

  • Includes all Plus features

  • Access to all upcoming features

PRO Plan ($499/year) Lifetime deal: $799

  • Pay once and use it forever

  • Unlimited apps with Pro usage

  • Includes all Pro features

  • Access to all upcoming features

Visit the pricing page to learn about Plus and Pro plans, their usage limits, and other included features.

Who is this lifetime deal for?

  • Small businesses & freelancers

  • Notion consultants & template creators

  • No-code agencies & consultants

  • NGOs & educational institutions

How to evaluate if a lifetime deal is for you?

If you haven't tried NotionApps yet, you can evaluate the tool and the lifetime deal by doing the following,

  1. Try the tool

  2. Check our roadmap

    • We launched in March 2023, and in just a few months our app builder is already 10x more powerful.

    • We have many upcoming features in the roadmap that will help build apps, portals, and dashboards that are even more powerful.

    • You can check our roadmap here.

  3. Decide if you want a lifetime deal

    • If you are a Notion user with clarity on the apps you need (now or in the coming years) for your business or teams, this lifetime deal might be for you.

What makes this lifetime deal special?

  • You get lifetime access to the first and only app builder for Notion in the market.

  • Popular app builders like Glide, Softr, and Stacker are built for Google Sheets and Airtable. They do not have a Notion integration and are not designed for Notion users.

  • You get lifetime access to build unlimited apps on Notion, starting from just $299. For reference, the paid plans of the above app builders start from $300-600 per app per year.

Why are we offering a lifetime deal?

  • Lifetime deals will allow us to grow without immediately raising money from external investors.

  • This is like a crowd-funding campaign for our early users to participate and in return get lifetime access to the app builder.

  • We will use the money for product development and to add new features to the tool.

  • We want to strengthen our relationships with our early users and gather more feedback for the tool.

FAQs about the lifetime deal

  • What if I reach my usage limits of the paid tier (PLUS/PRO) after taking the lifetime deal? We will allow you to upgrade to the lifetime deal of the next paid tier or pay for extra usage (like extra users, extra custom domains, or extra data). You can email us at help@notionapps.com after reaching the limits and we will suggest a solution that best works for you.

  • Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel after taking the lifetime deal? We don't offer refunds on lifetime deals. You can test the tool using the free trial of any of our paid plans and then purchase a lifetime deal.

  • Can I avail of the lifetime deal even if I am an existing customer? Yes, you can purchase the lifetime deal and it will update your existing subscription.

If you have more questions about the lifetime deal, you can talk to us at help@notionapps.com

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