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Internal/External Users

Users on NotionApps can be either internal or external. The segregation is done to better serve people inside your organization and outside. Internal users are limited while external users have much higher limits. You can check our pricing here. For example, a fitness instructor may have many external clients and they may be classified as external users. While their employees may be classified as internal users.

Internal User

The maximum number of internal users who can log in to your apps. An internal user is anyone with an email domain,
a. same ([email protected]) as the domain of your NotionApps account ([email protected])
b. same ([email protected]) as one of the custom domains connected to your apps (
Users with free email domains like Gmail, Outlook, etc are not counted.

External User

The maximum number of external users who can log in to your apps. An external user is not an internal user. They are,
a. usually someone with a free email domain like Gmail, Outlook, etc.
b. or someone who is not part of your NotionApps account's domain or your configured custom domains